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Space is not a thing but rather a set of relations between things… Itself the outcome of past actions, social space is what permits fresh actions to occur, while suggesting others and prohibits yet others… Social space becomes simultaneously, both a field of action (offering its extension to the deployment of projects and practical intentions) and a basis of action (a set of places whence energies derive and whither energies are directed).
— -The Production of Space, Henri Lefebvre


El Sótano is a social space.

El Sótano is a space for community.

It is a space where art is the catalyst to spark conversations about topics that are current and need to be addressed.

El Sótano is a space for reflection.

It is space where art become a tool for meditation and introspection.

A space where art creates social gathering and experiences.

Where viewers are not passive, but rather are engaged with the art and each other.

El Sótano is a creative space.

A space to think and reflect on how we can change and better the community through creative means.

As of Fall of 2019, El Sótano Art Space is an satellite organization and no longer in our origin physical space in Bushwick.


Victoria Luzuriaga Bastidas, Ecuador

I am an Ecuadorian multidisciplinary visual artist, writer, art instructor, and researcher currently based in Brooklyn, New York. My work is highly influenced by my scientific background, bringing the concepts of experimentation, chance, and finding parallels between daily life and the forces of nature that are constantly reacting with them. My concentration in the chemical manipulation of 35mm photographic film has bled into my painting and mutlimedia work by using chemical and biological influences to create an alternative form of visualizing reality. Using a research-based approach to build on the historical, cultural, and psychological structures allows me to create a visual understanding of the questions and issues I explores within my work. The literal and figurative coexist within the crevices of my mutilation of the materials and mediums. Piecing together from a variety of inspirational sources, my work communicates in a language that is weaved throughout my body of work.

In addition to my artistic practice, I also conduct research and projects that focus on the historical, political, and social constructions of alternative, non profit, and non-commercial art spaces in New York City and abroad as part of my curatorial practice. My focus on the rejection of capitalistic, monetary, and commercial ties to art for the purpose of the artist's raw creative intentions goes back throughout the history of the artist-run space scene and has inspired me to create El Sótano.




julio pic.JPG

Julio Alejandro Rodriguez Pozos, Mexico

My art reflects my own identity and experience as a queer Mexican man. My work engages various aspects of my existence; primarily, my personal encounters with Mexican queer history and ’machismo’ heteronormative culture. My work seeks to create a larger understanding as well as explore queer identities, how they evolve, and the ways in which they are both determined and handled as social, political, and historical constructions. I also strive to highlight the ways queer identities are shaped by the (shared) events that are endured by a community.

I work with narratives that people can engage with directly. Telling people's stories through film, text or performance. I aim to produce work that is accessible to a majority of people and connects with them on an emotional level. When thinking about my work I have in mind to make it as democratic as possible.

When curating, I focus on creating space for artists to show who and what they are about. Listening to what they want to convey and then facilitating that. This overlaps with my personal practice of creating a space for community and connection for people to tell their stories and what they think is important.




Nicholas Wai Keung Fung, New York City/Hong Kong

I’m Nick G

Sometimes, almost never, people call me Nicholas. Most don’t ask if I have a preference and automatically switch to Nick. But it’s fine.

Currently, my work resides in programmatic marketing, which has brought me to the forefront of the coexistence between data analysis, conjuring the awareness of ideas, and understanding the hidden motives of humankind through quantitative means.

Running parallel is my genuine curiosity to understand what lies within the unknown and to learn to merge polar concepts through convergent practices. Through my appreciation of art that contains meaningful dialog and a space for questioning, I explore the various ways in which art can function to bridge a plethora of different disciplines.

Through the medium of music, event coordination, and execution I have found a passion in the creation and cultivation of alternative spaces as a catalyst for self-expression, deviating from social norms and finding oneself through synergistic human interaction. With this as a basis, I strive to manifest El Sótano’s philosophy through the pathways of collaborative and open-minded discussion of art, community, and socially-engaged practices.



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