“ Space is not a thing but rather a set of relations between things… Itself the outcome of past actions, social space is what permits fresh actions to occur, while suggesting others and prohibits yet others… Social space becomes simultaneously, both a field of action (offering its extension to the deployment of projects and practical intentions) and a basis of action (a set of places whence energies derive and whither energies are directed.)”

-The Production of Space, Henri Lefebvre

El Sótano grew out of a realization that there was a lack of space for representation of the diverse and inspiring new creative minds that are underrepresented within the art world. As artists in New York City, we have experienced the dividing limitations and boundaries that need to be crossed to be seen in the art world and want to create a space free of them. Inspired by the rise of alternative spaces in the 70s, we have cultivated El Sótano as a space for conversation that focuses on the cultural and social value of the arts rather than the capital value.

As we work to catalyze change, we seek to not only provide a space, but also support to all those who come to make El Sótano an artistic community. 


El Sótano is a space for community.

It is a space where art is the catalyst to spark conversations about topics that are current and need to be addressed.

El Sótano is a space for reflection.

It is  space where art become a tool for meditation and introspection.


El Sótano is a social space.

A space where art creates social gathering and experiences.

Where viewers are not passive, but rather are engaged with the art and each other.


El Sótano is a creative space.

A space to think and reflect on how we can change and better the community through creative means.

Exhibitions, Events, & Connecting with us

El Sótano holds both solo and group exhibitions year around. Each exhibition is carefully curated to best fit the work and intent of the artists. In addition to exhibitions, El Sótano hosts a variety of events ranging from poetry readings to film screenings. Check the "Future" page for upcoming news. 

If you are interested in exhibiting, curating an exhibition, or proposing an event, please contact us at elsotanoartspace@gmail.com or submit your work/ideas to us in the "Submissions" page.  

If you would like to have a studio visit with our team at your studio or at El Sótano, send us an email with preferred dates and a brief description of your artistic practice.

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