This project consists of a collaboration between participant and artist, where the

collaborators provide to the artist the prime material to work with their image. Artist Miguel

Casco has been working with concepts of the body, nudity, and sexuality in his recent

production, Send Nudes. Collaborators will send a nude selfie to the artist with a short

statement on why they are choosing to participate in the project, from which Miguel will paint

the source image.

Send Nudes NYC has two specific qualities that set it apart from the first edition. Firstly, to

participate in the project collaborators must live in one of the five boroughs of New York City.

Secondly, this project focuses on the concepts of "nudes" in a different context. "Nudes" are

meant to be an exploration of self-image from the perspective of personal interpretations of

the body. They are not meant to be physically revealing, but rather emotionally and

psychologically focused. We believe that all bodies are beautiful, that all bodies are valid and

worth representing. This project centers around viewing the body not from an objective lens

but instead as a personal exploratory experiment.

Nudity in this project is defined by the collaborator. Whatever you consider to be a nude selfie

is what you will send. Nudity is yours to rethink and redefine on your own terms

Collaborators must be 18+

For more information read project guidelines or email

Send Nudes NYC | Guidelines

1. Aimed to anyone interested in being part of the SEND NUDES project by artist Miguel Casco.

-Send Nudes NYC is an open call for people that live in the five boroughs of New York City to send a nude selfie to artist Miguel Casco. The photo will be used as a source image from which the artist will create a painting. The focus of this project is to redefine the concept of "nudes" as images that reveal a deeper emotional or psychological interpretation of the body which can be interpreted in any way. The concept of being "nude" surpasses that of objective gaze to open conversation around our understanding of who we are within our own skin. We believe that all bodies are beautiful and worth representing.

2. Required Documents

-JPG image sent to

-Short statement explaining why you want to participate

-Abstraction of body parts will not be received, whole or partial body photos are OK

3. Application

-The call is for adults only. 18+

-Image must be taken as selfie, the phone/camera must be visible, reflectedin a mirror will be preferable

4. Policies

-For more details or questions you can contact the artist / El Sótano Art Space through the website or email

-Data consumption when sending the image is the responsibility of the participant

-The ownership of the creation will belong to the artist Miguel Casco

-When submitting the images, the participant will assign the rights to the artist / El Sótano Art Space

-The images will not be exposed or shared without the prior authorization of

the participant

-The images received will be used only to continue the project Send Nudes NYC

-By nudity each participant can interpret different concepts, the project opens the possibility of rethinking and redefining its definition

-By submitting an image participant accepts the conditions proposed in this call

5. Dates

-Deadline to receive submission material is January 1st, 2020

-Exhibition will take place in spring of 2020, collaborators will be notified of exact date and location

Contact information:

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