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Queer Revolutions Short film night

Join us as we continue celebrating, remembering and commemorating Queer Revolutions with a film night. Presenting a diverse selection of films that showcase different aspects of queer life and community.

- Dominique Caballero (Mexico), showing 'Persona' a poetic and intimate portrait of two drag queens in Mexico City who narrate their story of coming into themselves and how their families and friends reacted.

- Montana Thomas (New York), 'Cow Shopping' produces a metaphorical time machine in which we can examine power, wealth, whiteness, violence within aristocracy, excess, and queer dissolution within these oppressive spheres through a descontructionist and comedic approach.

- Betzabé García (México), 'The Girl With Two Heads' is a short film about a young woman who is exploring her own gender identity, coming into womanhood and seeing herself in her own terms.

- Adriana Varella (Brazil), accompanying their photo installation in the exhibition "Queer Revolutions", this film narrates the intervention of Adriana and their partner in historical architecture which was queered by them through performance.


Weekly Sound Baths

Wednesdays 7:30pm

We are excited to share our latest collaboration with sound healer and musician, Samer Ghadry, from ToneCenter. Beginning on May 1st, we will host weekly sound baths at El Sótano.

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Queer Revolutions: The Body as Terrain for Insurrection

Opening Reception: June 7th 6-9pm

Exhibition dates: June 7th - August 2nd

Selected artists:

Adriana Varella

Aelita Parizek

Ainé Marín

Anobis Garcia

Bartolina Xixa & Elisa Portillo

Karen Blandon

Linea de Luz

Manuel D. Lira

Tony Whitfield


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