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Artist Conversation: Jean Michael Vissepó & Kevin Quiles Bonilla

Join us on March 29th at 7pm for an artist conversation with Jean Michael Vissepó and Kevin Quiles Bonilla at El Sótano Art Space.

Jean Michael and Kevin, both use their art to explore power, space, and history in relationship to their identity both being artist from Puerto Rico. They view their practice as a tool for decolonization. Through diverse mediums they dismantle and address issues of systematic structures that oppress and exclude non-normative bodies, specifically in the context of the colonial relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States. We invite you to join us as they discuss these topics and how to address them productively through art.

Free and open to the public. RSVP is not required but encouraged. RSVP HERE.


Jean Michael Vissepó

Jean-Michael Vissepó Ocasio

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Jean-Michael Vissepó Ocasio uses the phrase “In Bituin,” in his work to describe the space where his identity resides being an artist from Puerto Rico living and working outside of the island. His works as a visual artist with the medium of crayons and the #IslaTrap Twitter project explore space, politics, history, contemporary Puerto Rican pop culture and his personal identity in relation to the geopolitics of Puerto Rico. As socially engaged artist he creates social artistic programming for autistic children, after school programs, correctional facilities, therapy centers, displacement/refugee camps in Africa, rural villages in Latin America, and marginalized communities in Puerto Rico and the United States. He is also street performance artist.

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Kevin Quiles Bonilla

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Graduate from Parsons, The New School of Design in New York City with an MFA in Fine Arts with Honors, and the University of Puerto Rico with a BA in Fine Arts magna cum laude. His artistic production has been presented in a solo show in Puerto Rico, as well as collective exhibitions in The United States, Mexico, China, Belgium, and Japan. He’s the recipient of a 2017 Emerging Artist Award from The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. He explores ideas around power, space, and history with his identity as context.

Open Call: /noun./ verb./ ad·jec·tive./


This is an open call for art that uses language as a medium and tool. Language should be considered beyond just a visual element. Artists should consider language in its broadest definition and more than simply a system of communication.

Open call deadline: April 1st

Exhibition dates: April 26th - May 19th

Email submissions and questions to: elsotanoartspace@gmail.com

Art in all mediums is accepted.


Open Call deadline: Ongoing

Exhibition dates: Begins March 1st

If you are reading this, you most likely have an email account.

Since 1971, email has been one, if not the most used internet-based form of communication. For this exhibition, we are questioning the ways in which we can communicate art through an instantaneous and extremely common source of communication. It is a democratic space that creates a more horizontal communication that opens doors to many new people and possibilities; a space where visual and non-visual narratives can occur. We are inviting artists to view the body of an email as a blank canvas, a digital canvas, where art can exist.

We are regarding email as more than a space for traditional modes of communication, but rather artworks that push how we view this digital canvas and expand our notion of what can be communicated through it. Work can be text or image but are not limited to that. We encourage artist to think of the history of email and how it's cultural uses have shifted from its conception (chain emails, advertisement emails, newsletters etc).

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