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Latinx and Queer-owned Bushwick Gallery Closed its Doors x Bushwick Daily

“Unfortunately, another Bushwick art space has closed its doors. On August 1, El Sóntano, an art space that focuses on starting conversations about culture and society, said its final goodbye to their space on 313 Wilson Ave., due to a thousand dollar raise in rent.

“All of us [at El Sóntano] support the space by having full-time jobs,” Julio Rodriguez, the gallery’s director told Bushwick Daily. “They’re raising our rent by a thousand dollars, and unfortunately we just can’t do it right now.” ”

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By Savannah Camastro


Bedford + Bowery x Amanda Feinman

“Just blocks from the Knickerbocker / Myrtle M stop, El Sótano Art Space occupies the bottom floor of a residential building. Not much goes on on its quiet street; a small market draws groups of neighbors to the corner, but that’s about it. The gallery’s storefront, to the extent that there is one, is a label on a buzzer. To get down the stairs and into its exhibition space, you have to ring number 1.”

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By Amanda Feinman


Queer Latinx Artist x Bushwick Daily

“As pride month begins, El Sótano, a Bushwick-based gallery, is taking the initiative to commemorate the spirit of Stonewall’s 50th anniversary with their exhibition, Queer Revolutions: The Body as Terrain of Insurrection, opening on June 7. Curator Julio Alejandro Rodriguez brings together nine artists whose work embody the perseverance and strength of the queer community. Open for nearly two months, Queer Revolutions serves as not only an art exhibition, but a place for conversation about queer history.”

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By Savannah Camastro

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Art Spiel, Nota Bene

“On view through May 19th at El Sótano, located in the depths of Bushwick near the corner of Wilson and Menahan, is “/noun./verb./adjective/”, a smart, sociopolitically relevant and sensitive group show pertaining to the range of cultural awareness, or lack thereof, of issues related to language and communication – even where the former might be ostensibly absent, and where the latter is abused, broken, blurred, dashed, blocked, missed, mistaken.”

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By Paul D’Agostino

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The Artistry of Digital Communication x The Editors

El Sótano Art Space may have a physical location in Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood, but that's not stopping this socially-minded venue from venturing into the digital realm. El Sótano just launched @Exhibition, an online art project centered around email. The site features the conceptual work of our founder Christine Sloan Stoddard, as well as other artists from around the world, and will continue to expand. We asked co-curator Victoria Luzuriaga Bastidas a few questions about @Exhibition—over email, naturally.”

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By The Editors

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